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Сердца Пандоры Спешлы / Pandora Hearts

Сердца Пандоры Спешлы
Другие названия:
Сердца Пандоры Спешлы
Pandora Hearts
Страна: Япония Япония
Год выхода: 2009
Дата показа: с 01.01.2009 по 25.09.2009
Серии: 3 из 9
Рейтинг: 8.7
The DVD specials have a better art and animation style than the K-On! Specials because in Pandora Hearts, it’s more anime looking, while in K-On!, it looks like some scribbles onto a piece of paper. I found this very humorous and seeing Gilbert in a maid costume was too funny. It actually has a tiny bit of a plot going but ends it in a short notice. At the beginning, the cheesy lines were so stupid that I actually laughed. Also, I never knew before Pandora Hearts came out that Square Enix published manga…o.o. I thought they only made the Final Fantasy games.The music is the same sad melody and craziness it usually is. The “Next EPisode Preview” uses the same music as the original anime “Next Episode Preview”. Anyways, overall a funny episode, and seeing all the characters in costumes and stupid clothes(and mustaches) was worth the 3-5 minutes.
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